Primeval Labs Xanix

Bios3 Xanix by Primeval Labs – Sleep & Anxiety Aid!

It’s hard to be a beast in the gym, or make the right nutritional choices when you’re not getting enough rest. Primeval Labs have developed Bios3 Xanix with a unique blend of 5 ingredients that work in conjunction with one another to create a sense of calm in the body and aid in getting a good night’s sleep for recovery. If you are feeling the pressure from the high stress of a busy lifestyle, Bios3 Xanix also helps to reduce anxiety levels so you don’t spend half the night tossing and turning. If you are serious about muscle growth development, then rest is a key component and Bios3 Xanix is here to ensure you get the rest you need!

Key Points:   

  • Improved Sleep & Rest
  • Helps To Reduce Anxiety
  • Increased REM
  • Relaxes & Calms Before Rest
  • Muscular Repair