Muscle Nation Legacy Pre Workout


LEGACY pre-workout has been formulated with a lot of thought, testing and for performance! A very reliable, strong pre-workout, that will push you, and tastes amazing!

Everything is dosed efficaciously and effectively, no corners cut. A strong, driving energy matrix(no crash!), with a top end performance formula(power, pump, endurance) and synergetic and effective nootropics. Added absorption enhancingAstraGin® 50 mg, and cortisol controlKSM-66® Ashwagandha 300 mg.

No crazy caffeine levels, no crazy harsh stimulants to fry your CNS, no weird stomach feeling from kitchen sink formulations, no BS!LEGACY pre-workout is a very reliable, tested and thought out pre-workout. Utilising new, studied, patented and cutting edge ingredients(in optimal dosages), and with a lot of synergy(ingredients working together to enhance each other, their effect and output).