Insane Labz #BURN

Insane Labz # series is something The Asylum faithful has been wanting for a while. The full # series has and will have fully transparent labels to show you the amount of each ingredient. While some of our products already have transparent labels the # series will consistently follow the theme of fully transparent labels. #BURN is a fully transparent powdered Fat Loss product dosed with The Asylum members in mind. #BURN contains AMPiberry® and a full spectrum of metabolism boosters with a thermogenic effect. All flavors have been quality inspected and are believed to be the greatest tasting sports supplement products on the market today. As you can see the full # series has a completely fresh and new look for Insane Labz. As we have grown into an international powerhouse in the supplement industry, we have developed a sleek lifestyle looking label that is even more appealing in person. Insane Labz #BURN is a Fat Loss product you will be proud to own and use knowing you are using the top of the line products in the industry.

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