Harris Stability Systems 13mm Pink & Black Lever Belt


13mm Pink & Black Lever Belt. 10cm wide and 13mm thick, this is a quality lever action belt. With a strong leather core and a suede covering on both the inside and out, this belt is quality all the way. These belts are built to the highest specifications using only the best raw materials. This belt will give you all the stability you need on all your big lifts.


  • 10cm wide & 13mm thick quality leather & suede 
  • Striking neon pink colors
  • Choose your lever


An easy to follow guide of how to measure for a belt
  • A good starting point is to measure firmly around the torso just above the navel. Please see above diagram.
  • Not all people wear their belts in the same position, if you already know where you like to wear your belt measure firmly around that point.
  • Often smaller men and women need to raise this position and find a halfway point between the ribcage and the top of the hip to stop the belt from digging in.
  • Our sizes overlap so if you are in between sizes choose via your goal. If you intend to lose weight get the smaller size and if your goal is to bulk up get the larger size.